Q:How much do you charge?


option 1 (instrumental mix)

option 2 (vocal+full song mix)



A:Please use the contact tab or email me regarding your mix, as my schedule is always changing, it’s best to email me ahead of time for scheduling. Please don’t wait until the last-minute and expect an overnight mix. 🙂 I will need to assess the mix & its recordings first before accepting.

Q:Turn around time?

A:I strive for a 24-48 hour turn around time. With that being said you will most likely get 2 mixes from me. Typically the first mix I send back to you will be for approval for the overall sound and tone. I will most likely tell you to sleep on that initial mix & decide what revisions you want made. Because 10 times outta 10 I will come back the next day with “fresh ears”and make some final changes that I hear on my end, as well as take your revisions and bring them to life.

Q:What file formats do you accept?

A:24 bit .Wav or 32 bit .Wav are preferred. I can work with .AIFF as well.

Q:How should I prepare the mix?

A:The files for the mix must be tracked out, consolidated or be exported as stems. Many times I have opened .zip and .rar files only to find tons of audio sections everywhere, and of course I can’t line all those up. So please make sure the files are all separated and line up.

I will also need a MP3 or .Wav reference of the mix so I can see where your vision and direction for the song was heading and I can check for timing / sync issues.

Q:Should the files I send still have Fx (Reverb, Delays)?

A:I highly suggest DRY files being sent me with no fx. But I do suggest you send the prints/stems for the FX so I can still have those for mixing purposes.

I will need to assess the mix & its recordings first before accepting.

Regarding the levels. I would highly recommend leaving your levels how they are, but… take all effects off of your master channel. No limiters, Compressors, Reverbs or nothing on the master channel only. If you have a compressor on your kicks, snares etc… or drum bus that’s fine. I will assess the mix first, then if there’s any changes I need on your end I will let you know.

Please label tracks 🙂 E.g. Vocal Lead, Vocal Background, Adlibs, Bass, Kicks, Toms, Overheads, etc…

Q:Revisions & changes?

A:Mixing and mastering is very subjective & everyone hears things differently. Relax, any changes you need I have you covered, I offer unlimited revisions (within reasonable request & time) until your 110% satisfied. With that being said, I have had clients in the past take advantage of this.

So I now have a mixing agreement for each mix I work on. It can be signed electronically and both parties get .PDF copies via email with time stamp, date & IP address.

Most revisions are completed same day, if not then the following day. I will ALWAYS keep in touch with you regarding the progress of the mix and my schedule.

Q:I’m performing live, do you provide stage versions?

A:Typically the files sent back to the client after final approval do not include stage/performance versions, however I do have some clients that perform live. Upon request, I do not charge extra & would love to get you the stage version, but please let me know if its needed because it’s not included regularly with the final files.

Q:Do you offer radio versions & edits

A:No f#%+ing problem 🙂 Let me clear those up for ya buddy, upon request I do not charge for radio edits within reasonably request. I do charge $20 for mixes with a lot of edits. Please let me know if its needed because it’s not included regularly with the final files.

Q:Where can I hear your mixes and samples?

A:Click on the Mixes tab above or just visit my homepage MixedByRum.com and you will see the audio portfolio on that page, just click any song and listen to the before and afters.

Q:Do you offer mastering?

A:I am NOT a mastering engineer. But with every mix I do include a mastered .Wav & MP3 to my clients at no charge. This is beneficial so you can hear what your record will sound like against the big boys. Some like their masters LOUD AND PROUD, others like them balanced and DyNaMiC. Just remember you can’t fix a bad recording with a mix, and you can’t fix a bad mix with mastering.

Q:Do you offer bulk deals?

A: not at this moment.

Q:I’ve never had my song mixed by you, will I like it?

A:I completely understand your concern, you just worked countless hours on your amazing art and you want the best possible sound for it. I ALWAYS tell my new clients to do ONE initial mix with me. This is a great way for you to see if you like my style and sound. The only thing I ask from you is a HIGH quality recording. Like the age-old saying “You can’t polish a turd”!

Q:I’ve lost my files, can you resend them?

A:I strongly encourage you to back up the files immediately when I send them to you. I suggest an external back up drive x 2 (one back up is not a real backup) and I also suggest you have online backup in case of physical damage, theft etc. I do keep most final mixing files on my drives for 2-6 months depending on file sizes and sessions. Sometimes longer if I get a larger drive. I don’t mind re-sending files at all, but please understand I am not responsible for storage and hosting of these files for an extended time.

Q:My question is not on here, help!?

A:Send me a message using the contact tab or email & social networks.